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General terms and Conditions of the Volkshochschule Münster

  1. General
    1. These general terms and conditions apply to all events of the Volkshochschule of the city of Münster
    2. Study trips and excursions, that involve a third party organiser or contractor are no events of the Volkshochschule. In such cases the Volkshochschule only functions as intermediary. Special travel conditions apply to study trips that are organised entirely by the Volkshochschule and are arranged by travel contracts.
    3. Participants charges levied by the Volkshochschule Munster are called course fees.
  2. Registration, conclusion of the contract, payment of course fees
    1. Taking part in a course is only possible with previous registration. The event description will state whether a registration for lectures and special events is not required.
    2. The registration is possible in person, by phone, by post or online. Exceptions are events that are subject to special registration procedures, such as long-term training, conferences, additional training and examination registrations (the information can be found in the individual course descriptions).
    3. Your subscription will be confirmed by email or by post (entry card). After this the registration is binding and obliges to pay the course fee.
    4. The course fees will be published on the website of the Volkshochschule Münster and printed in the annual programme. Additional costs may occur for learning materials and examination fees.
    5. The course fees can be paid in cash or by debit card at the VHS Infotreff (with personal registration or before commencement of lessons). If this possibility is not used, an invoice will be sent by post. The fees are then to be transferred to the said due date to the treasury of the city of Münster. Any delay in payment will cause additional costs due to reminder and enforcement procedures.
    6. For lectures no pre-payment or billing is possible. The fee will be collected in cash immediately prior to the event.
    7. Participation certificates, provided they are not already included in the course fees, are issued at request and billed with 5,- € per DIN A4 page. The requirement is a regular attendance (at least 70%) in the event. Certificates are only issued against advance payment of the fee.
  3. Scope, course cancellation and reduction of course duration
    1. The content of courses and events Volkshochschule Münster is given by
      • the description in the printed annual program
      • the publication on the homepage / webpage as well as
      • Flyers i.e. information leaflets issued by the VHS Münster
    2. Verbal commitments or descriptions are not legally binding.
    3. The course instructor is not entitled to make any individual agreements.
    4. The Volkshochschule Münster has the right of withdrawal from a contract and cancel events if
      • the required minimum number of participants is not met,
      • the course instructor has to cancel
      • or the implementation of the event is impossible for any other reason.
      If the cancellation of the course is inevitable, the registered participants are informed immediately.
    5. In these cases, the course fee will be refunded per ratio of the part of the course that is cancelled or in full. A cash refund is not possible.
    6. In general there is no guarantee that an event will be lead by a specific instructor. This also applies even if the event was announced with certain instructors name.
    7. For objective reasons and to a reasonable extent, the Volkshochschule Münster can change the time and place of an event.
    8. In the event of cancelation of an event by the Volkshochschule Münster for (e.g. due to illness of the instructor), it can be rescheduled and/or covered by another instructor. However, a claim to this service does not exist.
    9. Travel expenses for cancelled events can not be refunded by the Volkshochschule Münster.
  4. Reductions
    1. Anyone receiving benefits according to SGB II(German Social Act), or basic security benefits for job seekers or at old age according to SGB XII, or benefits according to SGB XII, or benefits according to the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (German Social Welfare Law for Asylum seekers), or holds the Münster-Pass of the city of Münster, is entitled to a course fee reduction of 50%.
      1. Leistungen nach dem SGB II,
      2. Grundsicherung im Alter und bei Erwerbsminderung nach SGB XII,
      3. Hilfe zum Lebensunterhalt nach SGB XII
      4. Leistungen nach dem Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz
      erhalten oder den Münster-Pass der Stadt Münster besitzen.
    2. Anyone receiving unemployment benefits according to SGB III, or who is severely handicapped, or receives an invalidity pension without receiving any further benefits according to SGB XII, is entitled to a course fee reduction of 30%.
      1. im Arbeitslosengeldbezug (SGB III) stehen
      2. schwerbehindert sind, Erwerbsunfähigkeitsrente beziehen und keine Ansprüche nach SGB XII haben.
    3. Students and pupils (no older than 27 years and on presenting the valid documents) receive a course fee reduction of 10% only if the course they are attending is not already reduced as a special offer for students or pupils.
    4. There is no reduction for those courses where a funding according to employment promotion for occupational education is possible.
    5. A reduction can be applied for either in person or in writing by submitting the valid documents. The valid documents can be sent to Volkshochschule Münster directly as PDF in case of an online registration or a registration via email.
    6. The documentary proof for reduction has to be provided at registration and can not be provided subsequently.
    7. The regulations for reductions do not apply to books and other material provided in class, or exams, or catering, or other material costs.
    8. There is no reduction for daytrips or field excursions. This also applies to courses which have already been reduced. These events are marked as 'reduced' in the programme.
  5. Resignation from a registration, re-registartion
    1. A participant can only resign from his or her registration in writing (letter, email, or fax) before the registration deadline is due or for courses with no registration deadline one week before commencement of the course. The date of receipt at the Volkshochschule Münster is valid.
    2. Not attending or absence of an event is no resignation or termination of the contract and does not release the participant from his or her duty of payment.
    3. Resignations or re-registrations with a course instructor are invalid.
    4. In case of a timely termination a processing fee of Euro 5 is payable.
    5. Should the course fee have been paid in advanced this will be returned deducting the processing fee. For this IBAN and BIC have to be communicated. A refund in cash is not possible.
    6. In case of invoicing only the processing fee will be determined.
    7. An ordinary notice of termination during the booked course or event is not possible. The option of termination due to an important reason is not included, this will be decided on a case-by-case basis. However, a refund is only possible if the Volkshochschule Münster has not yet incurred any liabilities due to the registration.
    8. A legal right of rescission (e.g. for long.distance-transactions) remains unaffected.
    9. For cancellations of field excursions, field or day trips, exams and special instruction courses, regulations stated in the respective contracts apply.
    10. Should the participant not make use of the entire educational or material service the payment liability of the course fee remains unaffected.
    11. Should an event be deficient in such a way that the aim of the event is affected, this has to be pointed out to the Volkshochschule Münster and an appropriate timeframe has to be given to remedy such deficiencies. Should this not be possible the contract with the VHS can be terminated due to an important reason,
    12. The contract can also be terminated should a further participation become impossible due to administrative amendments. In such a case a refund will be due according to the amount of subunits which could not be attended.
    13. A termination due to reasonable amendments (e.g. sickness or change of the course instructor) is not possible.
    14. Obtained lesson-material has to be paid in full regardless of participation.
    15. A re-registration to another course in the same programme is only possible by minding the terms of termination and if the desired course is not fully booked. In case of re-registration course fees which have already been paid will be set against the new course fee.
  6. Classrooms
    1. The VHS Muenster offers courses in her own classrooms and in various other venues. Rooms and equipment are to be treated with care and the respective site rules are to be minded. Smoking is prohibited in all classrooms and venues.
    2. Bringing animals to lessons is prohibited. This applies to all events.
    3. On bank holidays there are no lessons of the VHS in public school buildings. The school holiday regulations of the city of Münster is applicable. For all other venues there is a possibility of lessons or events taking place also during school holidays. There are generally no events on official bank holidays.
  7. Exclusion of participation
    1. The VHS Muenster can exclude persons from events or courses or subunits due to one or more of the following reasons:
      1. Unsocial or distractive behaviour during lessons or events despite preceding warnings of exclusion by the course instructor.
      2. Slander of any kind toward the course instructor or the staff of the VHS Muenster.
      3. Age, gender, racial, national, religious, sexual discrimination against any other person.
      4. Misuse of events or lessons for political or other ideological purposes or agitation of any kind.
      5. Violations of site rules
    2. The extend of exclusion is at Volkshochschule Münster`s discretion.
  8. Data protection
    1. Personal details given to the Volkshochschule Münster for purpose of registration are only forwarded to other service companies (e.g. banks, travel companies, exam centres, etc.) for valid reasons respective to courses or payment.
    2. The following details are always taken on registration: first and surname, address, email address, age, gender, telephone number, course number, academic year and course fee. For possible refunds IBAN and BIC are also stored.
    3. Details are not forwarded to third parties for any other reasons, this also applies to the departments of the municipal administration of the city of Münster.
    4. Applicable regulations for data protection are pointed out.
    5. The data protection regulations of the city of Münster are applicable and are accessible here.
  9. Liability
    1. Damages can not be claimed against the Volkshochschule Münster unless damage was caused purposely or by gross negligence through the Volkshochschule Münster or her performing agents.
    2. The Volkshochschule Münster is also liable for damages to life, health, or body and in crucial breach of contractual obligations at ordinary negligence. Liability is reduced to the predictably typically occurring damages as long as no gross negligence by the VHS is causal.
  10. Final clauses
    1. The Volkshochschule Münster retains the right to amend these general terms and conditions for future effect.
    2. These general terms on conditions become valid on announcement.

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